Sunday, July 12, 2009



Another year. Another day. Another moment to sit and tell you stuff.

For starters, I haven't written since like May or something, and that's because I forgot about blogging, and then I forgot the password to get on here. The point is that i'm back.

Today's topic is breakfast.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, not to mention the perfect time to get a few palzy walzy's together and catch up.
My friend Jesse decided that he would start a blog about breakfast. That means that every Monday for the past few months we've gone to different cafes around Vancouver looking for the best breakfasts.

Today we went to the Nice Cafe situated around the corner of Fox Porn Cinema on Main and 6th.
Our meals were quite nice. Our friend Roz was eating with us and as nice a girl as she is, sometimes I worry for the people sitting around us who might be listening to our conversation.

"My roommate likes it when her boyfriend puts a vibrator in his butt because it makes his dick vibrate."

"Once upon a time I was trying to eat breakfast." replied Jesse.

The old ladies at the long table had hearing aids so it was okay.

There is no real point to this entry except maybe to check out his blog if you want a nice place to go for breakfast.

I will write again soon. I swear.

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